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Will Unsightly Veins Return After Treatment?

Spider Veins

Spider Veins

Will my unsightly veins come back?

This is a question patients seeking treatments for veins often ask. No, they won’t come back, but they will appear to return! Women who develop spider veins do so because they are prone to getting them. That is an undeniable and unfortunate fact. So when we get rid of the veins using injection laser ablation or microphlebectomy, that underlying propensity for the veins to develop is still there! Unfortunately, varicose veins or spider veins are, in large part, genetically determined.

We Can Eliminate Those Unwanted Veins

However, do not fret! At The Cardiovascular Care Group, we can eliminate those unwanted veins. Quite often, keeping ahead of the developing spider veins and varicose veins is simple once the process has begun. While the veins that are injected or removed will never come back, those new veins that develop are often small. When these are attacked early, the leg vein treatment is much simpler. When injecting, less solution is needed and the process is quicker and easier than the initial treatment session. Most importantly, at the Vein Institute of New Jersey, we will determine if you have an underlying problem that can lead to more varicose and spider veins developing. Specifically, many veins can develop from poorly functioning valves in the deeper veins in the leg. If this condition exists, while not at all dangerous, it almost certainly will lead to new varicose veins developing if the underlying problem is not corrected.

Duplex Ultrasound Technology

Using Duplex Ultrasound technology, vascular specialists at The Cardiovascular Care Group can evaluate your deeper veins to see if they are working properly and determine the status of the valves in the leg veins. This is a simple ultrasound test, which is noninvasive, is completely pain-free and does not involve any radiation. The valves in the veins can be easily imaged to determine their function and, if necessary, we will direct the therapy that is needed to correct the problem. There is little one can do to prevent spider veins from developing. Genetic influences, gravity and hormonal changes weigh heavily on the development of these unsightly veins. But using minimally invasive methods such as sclerotherapy or microphlebectomy for treatment of spider veins, we can restore the look and feel of your legs!