Why choose The Vein Institute of New Jersey?

Perfect Match of Experience, Technology and Proven Success

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The Perfect Match of Experience, Technology and Proven Success

With all the choices of vein specialists and sub-specialists treating symptoms of varicose veins, how do I know The Vein Institute of NJ is right for me?

Our strengths:

  • Since 1986, the Vein Institute of New Jersey has been the area’s industry leading vascular practice, committed to compassionate personal patient care and proven positive outcomes.
  • Our “Top Doctor” rated, experienced and renown faculty of Vascular specialists with 24/7 patient coverage, are all personally interested in your care. You should have more comfort knowing that a faculty of doctors can provide much more availability for urgent or emergent personal care or questions every day of the year that might not be provided by a single doctor practice.
  • Our totally paperless electronic medical record platform allows for a quick and thorough coordination of care among our vascular specialists, if necessary.
  • Our State of the Art facilities, using the latest / most innovative FDA approved NON INVASIVE treatment and technique, provide you with the best treatment options for care in the industry.
  • Our professional, caring, engaging staff will take the time to answer all your questions. There is never a bad question, when it relates to your personal health!. We will strive to exceed your expectations, and put you at ease through the whole consultation and or treatment process.
  • We have eight convenient locations to better serve our patients.
  • We are committed to being on the forefront of research, technique and technology, always looking for ways to improve our care and services we provide.
  • We will do everything we can to make your decision the right decision, by providing an overall “Exceptional patient experience”.

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