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How to Protect your Veins During Travel

No one likes being crammed into an economy class airplane seat, especially for a long trip, but there’s a greater danger than trying to keep calm during turbulence. Varicose veins can be irritated during long air travel, and blood clots can develop in the vein system of the lower legs. That can put you in grave danger.

Airlines have taken this danger to heart, placing in the seat cushion in front of you laminated cards warning passengers about what’s called ‘Economy Class Syndrome,’ and encouraging regular movement of legs and ankles to keep circulation going and veins more relaxed to avoid such a serious development during or after your flight. Exercises like rotating your ankles while you’re in your seat, walking the aisle every so often, and doing standing calf raises next to your seat are advised on these warning cards and also advised by physicians and vein therapists. And yes, the passengers in First Class have to protect their veins as well, with the same leg exercises during long flights.

But is it just a long flight you need to worry about? It’s safe and wise to do these leg and ankle workouts during shorter flights, as well. Especially if it’s a short flight you’re taking after a long car ride to the airport itself. Any length of time seated puts your veins under pressure and puts you at risk of blood clot development.

Additional tips for your travels include dressing for comfort. Avoid those tight jeans and wear something far more roomier so that veins don’t get constricted during your trip. Avoid alcohol as well, since this can cause dehydration which can slow your circulation and contribute to the development of blood clots.   Drinking  plenty of water prior to, during and immediately after your flight will help you  to stay hydrated.

Get up, keep moving, order water instead of wine, and you’ll protect yourself all throughout your excursion, so that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest!