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Are Your Hands Making You Look Old?

If your efforts to ‘look young’ are concentrated on nightly deep-cleansing of your face, applying moisturizing masques and night creams and eye gels, take a look at the hands that are applying  those “fountain of youth” products. Your hands might be adding years to your age, with unsightly blue and bulging veins on the backs of your hands. How did that happen?

As you age, you naturally lose skin elasticity and subcutaneous fatty tissue in the backs of your hands, and, thus, you also lose water content in your hand tissue. The ‘thinning out’ of your previously pink and youthful hands has revealed the highway of veins beneath the surface, made worse if you have prominent veins to start. You might also have a genetic predisposition to veiny hands, which can make matters even worse.

While you are looking at your hands right now to assess them for those telltale blue marks and raised veins, what you see might be an eye-opener. Perhaps you’ve never looked at your hands like this before, and simply focused on what your hands were doing in your busy life rather than how they themselves looked and felt.

So what do you see? Just the start of those telltale hand veins, or a raised map of bumpy veins that have you seeing your grandmother’s hand attached to your arms? No matter how pronounced your hand veins, you can get smooth, plump, line-free hands back again, turning back the clock and being proud that your hands look so youthful.

Vein specialists can reduce the size of those hand veins with sclerotherapy in a simple, painless procedure that’s safe when conducted by an experienced professional. With so many veins in the hand, your vein specialist can maintain proper blood flow throughout your hand and arm, so there’s no need to worry about loss of circulation during this procedure. It’s simply a reduction of the condition that makes those blue veins bulge and show.

Talk to your vein specialist about which type of treatment is best for your hands!   Understanding your existing medical conditions and medications is important for the vein treatment specialist to appreciate.  You want a more youthful and healthy-looking canvas for those manicures you love to get, and prettier hands with which to show off your finest jewelry and to be kissed by your sweetheart.